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Muddy Boots – Trip back to Ontario

So, I know it been a while but some much life happened and it was hard keeping up. As promised this will be the first in some updates to what we did this past summer.

Let’s start with finally being able to leave the island and visit family in Ontario.

We took a whirlwind 4 day trip to Ontario. The first week of July, one of the fur babies got sick so what could have been a 5 or 6 day trip turned to 4 days…

We originally we going to leave PEI on Saturday arrive on Sunday and then leave on Thursday/Friday. It was a very last minute trip and we were not sure until the week before if it was going to happen. We needed a garden farm sitter and a furry animal sitter… we found both and then the plans quickly went into place.

We decided to make the trip as convenient for us as possible. We packed bedding, camp stove and a cooler with homemade sandwiches and baked goods. We did everything we could to minimize going to coffee shops etc. We slept in the car at rest station in Quebec going and in NB on the way home. It was awesome, it was also very bitter sweet as it was our first trip in 13 years without our beloved baby, Murdoch:(

We made a plan to stop every 4 hours to get out and walk and stretch and have a hot drink and a snackie. Because Rusty recently had a blood clot in his leg we needed to make sure we got lots of walking around done in between the long driving.

I have to say the drive to Ontario was pretty good. We had a wicked thunderstorm in Edmonston and saw a pretty awesome rainbow we also had a a hiccup or two on the way but we got there safely.

Because of the shortness of the trip and the last minuteness of the trip we did our best to see whomever was available. Unfortunately, it was only Rusty’s mom that was available so we spent the 4 days with her. It was really nice after all the lockdowns and restrictions to finally see her.

Aftermeal…..we were hungry
Got a new Bible cover and a study bible♡

Mid trip happened to be Rusty’s bday so his wish was to drive up to Algonquin and see a couple places we used to spend so much at. We did a couple of meals out, did the christian bookstore and some antiquing. We had great weather and the time spent catching up was really nice.

More food♡
Antiquing for old dishes and canning jars

Of course we met up with our beautiful friends Marco & Zuly. That was such a beautiful time talking, sharing, praying…. I missed them and it was a really nice time of fellowship all of our hearts needed and flourished in. We got to see their new summer spot in Cobourg and it was nice.

We left early Friday as we had to meet up in Nova Scotia on Saturday with another farmer to pick up some special fertile eggs for a new flock on our farm… of course we didn’t know it right away but as we went to get a few things for our trip home we discovered some sort of internet outage. That outage turned out to be a pretty big thing as debt and banks were not able to be used. We were just fine for the trip back and it seemed the our provider was not in the multi-day outage.

We said our good byes and started back home. Trips home sometimes always feel so much longer then they are and this was no exception. Again I was very thankful for the bedding, camp stove and a cooler of home made food… so many businesses were taking only cash and then at one point only credit card….

First breakfast on the road going home….. we has to charge our phones too♡

The side trip to Nova Scotia was a lot longer then we anticipated but really I had never really been there except for a short trip into Amherst. We drove along the bay of fundy side and that was pretty awesome. We picked up our special package and headed back home.

Amazing how far out the tide was….

I am not sure who was more greatful to get home that night but we were bushed♡

It was gonna be nice to sleep in our bed and drink our spring water and not be on the road driving. Just the comforts of home.

On Sunday those precious eggs went into the incubator and I’m pretty sure I did a story or post on that♡ those chicks are doing really well…. even the hurricane didn’t hurt them…. thank you Lord.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I send blessings to you

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Happy go lucky farmgirl married to an awesome farmboy - Rusty for 23 years, living with Murdoch our awesome chocolate lab farmdog and a few farmkitties, Daisy, Barney, Angel and Charlie

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